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  1. Guess the Emerson has to go
  2. Finished Dr. Max Levy.....DC Tried cleaning first and I was unsatisfied. Went with satin black and Bill's nickel plating . I know Dr Levy was an inventor and had some photography stuff but I thought he had some ties to Dentistry? One of my favorites now " probably " never sell 20230323_182816.mp4
  3. The 16" does not have a hole in cap for stick. Is it supposed to be filled with grease or oil?
  4. I have a 16" and 12" eck DC sidewinder oscillator. The 12" oiler was packed with grease no wick just this brass stick. The 16" was packed with cotton or something. Neither is correct I assume. What should it be.
  5. Electro-dynamic co fan There is also a two blade I only have the 4 blade one...somewhere
  6. Not everyone reads the forum everyday......like a good soup let it simmer
  7. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck.....its a duck
  8. You will definitely be invited,however, it will likely not be on you birthday. More likely during warmer weather like the Masters instead o March madness
  9. Next year maybe shoot for Masters not NCAA tournament
  10. And my favorite purchase sibling vault fans
  11. Could the person who won the Westinghouse pancake please return it ? You were supposed to get the Cframe Thanks again for all those who attended and put up with cold and made it an enjoyable event
  12. Greg Mauer was the big winner of the one of a kind all original GE
  13. Fortunately the raffle barker did not need to ban anybody for life
  14. Bill fanum fires up Stefans Sprague Lundel something or other I've never seen before
  15. Emerson jr expert delivers a seamless seminar
  16. Bill fanum revives another Tesla and "wins" the Mad dog Vachon Award
  17. Thanks to all those that came and made it a lot of fun
  18. All set for tomorrow just need more fans. Museum shuttle all gassed up and ready capable of carrying 45 passengers at a time
  19. It is indoors ..... I thought Texas Notre dame boys were tougher than that
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