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  1. Hmmm, never heard of this trick. I'd like to see pictures of how this is done with before and after videos to hear the difference (if convenient).
  2. I will pray that God will send comfort to Gordon in this time of grief.
  3. Live and learn! You dodged a $430 bullet!
  4. Boyd is a handsome lad! Would love to see a recent picture of Emersyn, Ben.
  5. This is fascinating stuff! Thank you to the contributors!
  6. Jack is so enthusiastic about this hobby. He's a pleasure to know!
  7. Big thanks to David Rouse who supplied the missing parts from his Kool King fan so that Jack and I were able to complete the restoration of his Arctic Aire. It runs PERFECT too and Jack was thrilled. Dave contacted me and said he thought that the fan below (a Kool King) might have the correct parts to complete Jack's fan. So he shipped it to me for very short money. It arrived today. It came apart easily and I took the parts below and stripped them and cleaned them. Painted them: And reassembled it. It went back together easily and runs like a champ. Most importantly, Jack was thrilled. What great fun we had restoring this little fan. Thanks To Ron Bethoney who polished the cage and the blade (which is what Jack wanted). Thanks Ron! Can't forget to thank Tony Clayton for his great two conductor wire!!
  8. Wow, nice work Vic. Thanks for the pictures too. I really enjoyed reading this post! I have the same fan that my wife found in a thrift store for $20, and like your fan, it was missing a brush cap (which Darryl also provided). Her fan also has three speeds but they are not as distinct as your fan and the slowest speed is no where near as slow as your fan.
  9. Hello fan friends. Darryl and I were texting back and forth today as I inquired how it was going with his eye situation. His response is below: "I went to the doctor yesterday and he said that everything looks good. The retina is attached all the way around and not much scar tissue. He said the Scleral Buckle surgery was the correct surgery that he made the right decision on that, and that all we need is to give the eye more time to heal. He said that the gas bubble should continue to dissipate over the next two weeks and around the end of May is when I should be able to handle the cataract surgery. Once they remove the cataract and put a new lens in my eye, I should have good corrected vision with glasses. For now my depth perception is terrible so I can't drive and it is not safe for me to be trying to operate a lathe or milling machine. So I am able to send parts to folks if I have the item(s) in stock but if it is something that has to be made, I won't be able to do it for a bit. Thanks for concerns and prayers" "Best news I heard yesterday was that I can now sleep down in my bed again. I've been having to sleep either sitting up in a recliner or propped up on three pillows in bed, and could not lay on my left side (side of sugery-left eye). Doctor has removed those restrictions. Drops in eye now only 3X/day down from 4X/day. My global something time is up May 12th. That's the time after surgery that anything could still happen such as infection, another detachment, etc. I guess my prayer now is for continued healing and that the future surgery goes well. I am thankful for my good friends in the AFCA" Keep the prayers, cards and get well wishes coming. They mean a lot to Darryl (and to me). Best, Dave
  10. My understanding (though Russ Huber could clarify) was that Diehl worked for Eck so it may be the reverse of what you are thinking. Russ?
  11. Hello friends: I've been taking some time to attend to some things that I have meant to do but never got around to. One of them was to get the correct decal for my Eck Hurricane. Peter Blackman (Blackman Designs) did this for me (using 18 karat gold leaf) for very short money and turned it around in three days. I ran my fingers over this decal but could not feel the edges, that's how thin this decal is. Peter does wonderful work and he's very gentlemanly which makes it a pleasure to know him.
  12. Well, one certainly doesn't see ECK ball oscillators very often, Jim. I'd like to see your progress when and if you proceed with Russ's suggestions.
  13. From the schematic it appears that the end of the spindle should be threaded and neither end of Jack’s spindle is so I’m guessing that a prior owner cut off the end at some point so I’ll be needing a new rotor as well (Steve)
  14. I told Jack that you would (Russ Huber) have some information about his fan!
  15. Good morning from the arctic cold in the Northeast; 18 chilly degrees this morning. I'm sure you remember my young friend, Jack who is one of our younger members (he's 19 now and approaching six feet tall!) Jack brought over a fan that his father picked up in NH. It was in dreadful condition and running noisily. The cage badge identified it as a FASCO arctic aire fan. Jack found a picture of it below. His fan was missing the rear oscillation mechanism and we quickly determined that a prior owner had rewired it and reversed the orientation of the rotor so that the long part was protruding from the front of the case rather than the rear where it would have engaged the oscillator. We took the fan apart yesterday and Jack started cleaning all the parts while I examined the stator to replace the worn headwires. Jack mentioned that the fan ran very hot and the reason became apparent when we took it apart. There were many spots on the windings that were bare and uninsulated. We recoated the bare spots with liquid tape and cleaned the rotor and the inside of the stator. Painting consisted of automotive primer and two coats of the correct spray paint which was purchased at our local ACE hardware. We took a trip to see Ron Bethoney (New England Brass) with the steel blade and cage which Jack wanted polished (they were painted as seen in the top picture). Ron is always more than willing to do things for Jack (good guy)! I put the fan together last night and right away, the push button switch failed so I replaced it with a rotary type switch which you can see below. Jack thought it a good idea to put some rubber feet on the bottom to replace the cork feet which had long since rotted away. The fan runs well (such as it is) but both Jack and I would love to find the mssing rear oscillation parts. Jack was admiring my AC Gilbert fan which has identical parts to the missing FASCO parts (I gave him that fan to take home with him). So we'll be looking for the missing parts and welcome any suggestions as to where we might locate them while we wait for Ron to finish the cage and the blade. Thanks for reading this post!
  16. Mark is exactly correct. Tell us what fan you are having this issue with and we can go from there. Pictures are helpful. Remember to align the pictures in the correct orientation (using a software like Paint Shop pro or Photoshop) and save them as a JPEG in a medium size file format (say less than 1 mb) then attach them to your post. Welcome to the club. There are wonderful helpful folks here!
  17. Hello fan friends. I had an update from Darryl this morning (see below update) "The eye is healing. Seems ever so slowly, but I am making improvements. On Saturday and Sunday the stitches were coming out and it felt like I had sand or grit in my eye for those couple days, but it’s gone now. Still have a good bit of swelling, and that gas bubble he put inside my eye is uncomfortable but is suppose to start dissolving soon to be gone over a 6 week period. All in all, it’s getting better. The doctor said it would take 2-3 months. I have talked to several people now who have had this Scleral Buckle surgery for detached retina, and they say don’t get discouraged. Their vision came back, but it did take about 3 months. Thanks for remembering me in prayer." And: "I’m still able to send parts if people want to order. If it’s something I already have in stock I can get Phyllis to take it to the PO, so I’m glad to still be getting parts orders, I just can’t do any machine work for now." Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers! Dave
  18. What model number is that Russ? 1500?
  19. I'm with Lane on this one. Stamped steel Westy's are very tough to work on particularly if you need to remove the stator to replace the headwires which tend to fray or break at the point that they enter the case in the back. And then there is the issue of all the pot metal parts on this fan (the nose on the front and parts of the gear housing on the rear of the case) which will easily fracture if you attempt to remove them. I've said this before that if a stamped steel Westy was the first fan I restored, I probably would not have gone any further with this hobby. A GE or Emerson would be a better candidate for a first restoration IMHO. I've restored over 200 fans at this point and even with all that experience, I would still avoid a stamped steel Westy. Don't get me wrong, they look nice when they are done.
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