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  1. Looks great, Bobby. You'll come up with more shiny surprises, I'm sure. 🙂
  2. Wheeler makes reference to this revolver in his patent above. 1499083719289955490-00421014 (storage.googleapis.com)
  3. Kim Frank made a 360-revolver based on this principle.
  4. Actually, you helped me in the not-too-distant past with a brush holder on another example, and you are Johnny on the spot with that weakness which I failed to mention. The original brush holders have square brass channels. A simple way to go about reproductions would be a Delrin tube insulator with a brass tube brush channel for those talented machinists out there.
  5. The fan came from Dr. Hench's estate. It was passed to me from a well-established elderly credible collector friend in the Rochester, MN. area. Philip S. Hench – Biographical - NobelPrize.org Edward Kendall, Ph.D., third from right, and Phillip Hench, M.D., far right, shared the Nobel Prize for discovering cortisone.
  6. No pot metal. Base is cast iron, motor housing is cast iron, The blade is heavy stamped steel sectioned at the hub. The stator and armature are quality made. Model 3500 on the left, model 3504 with oil cups on the right. The AC and DC selections were intended for the circuit you were on. The DC selection was intended to compensate the increased RPM direct current would create using a small wind of resistance wire in series. In the image below I used a half wave diode to do the same and bypass the resistance wire. On AC current the resistance wire or diode serves as a nice second lower speed.
  7. They are uniform width and straight. R&M couldn't do better. If you decide to expand on these talents, please keep us posted. 🙂
  8. It comes in 2 flavors, model 3500 with cast in housing cavity for oil soaked wick lubrication, and model 3504 with oil cups. And..........it was offered in 32 VDC for the farm plant.
  9. I'll tell you what, lets meet in the middle for the 20 season. 🙂
  10. Another Mueller plug. antique electrical attachment plug hard rubber Mueller Cleveland fan plug RARE!! | eBay
  11. I love these little guys. Very well constructed. This one saw very little use, the commutator is like new. It is the R&M 3500 marketed Western Electric.
  12. Who made it and what year did it go to market?
  13. Jim Kovar enhanced electrical trade images of the 99-01 R&M Searchlight desk & bracket. The first 4 images date 99, the last image with reinforced guard date 01 electrical trade.
  14. Yes, I corrected his 03-04 dating to 02-03 based on focus on the ornate handle model. This is based on R&M's dated electrical trade fan motor offerings. The desk and bracket models offered in 04 are a departure from the ornate handle model seen in 02-03 electrical trade. Based on the 04 electrical trade image, and taking a closer look at it, I can't contest the possibility of a 12" pop guard. My bad, the dating would be 02-04 (+?)
  15. Lundell started the beefy guard movement, but there is proof in 95 electrical trade IC was making their own fan guards. Sprague and IC merged in 97 and by 98 Lundell filed patent for a new fan motor design with the beefy guard. It hit the market in 99. GI Paragon beefed their guard for the 00 season, etc.
  16. Peerless Spin / Crank / Kick Start Cage?? (OK so turns out it is early R&M Standard ca. 1903/1904) 1902-03. Message Stefan thanks for sharing. I dig the R&M blade wing mounting screws. I wonder if they had thread locker back then?
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