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  1. Nylon gear....very good idea. Now, how do you get the extended shaft to extend so that there is two shafts turning opposite?
  2. Louis Luu


    I saw them. Same seller. I don't understand why they don't get ban.
  3. Both should be stick.
  4. Thanks....looks like the top portion of the T is curved inward a little...need to fix on mine. I was debating about putting the curvature last night on top of the letter T but could not quite make it out. Your picture does confirm a curvature on top.
  5. These came in two and three rotors. I will make the three rotors next time.
  6. Needed a break from the badge and did a quick draft.
  7. Is there a way of setting up gmail to not have the AFCA notification go to spam folder. It has only recently done this. Every time I push as not spam it still ends up there with the next notification.
  8. That is a very beautiful picture of a GE badge. The pile of GE fans screams...USA. That is a real parade. Kim: 2 CGE; 2 BTH; 1 EUG
  9. Is UEG somehow tied to AEG? when I google it this is what I ended seeing.
  10. Beer makes wifi better. Heck, consume enough, you won't even need wifi.
  11. I'm assuming you have to consume large amounts of beer first for wifi to be free.
  12. I was told the motor might possibly be for an organ piano to drive an air pump. To me, every motor is a fan or at least be made into one.
  13. This is what I had on my end before the post was deleted (please bring back if possible). I did not have a chance to read in great detail. Courtesy from Mike Petree: Courtesy from Jay Carter:
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