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Old forum popups and malware....

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9 hours ago, Thomas Peters said:

When, or maybe it’s if, someone going to look into thr pop up/malware problem on the old forum?

Computer operating system, antivirus, and malware is up to date.

I'm wondering the same. Both of my computers are up to date; and both get popups and redirects on the old site, as well as you and others. Something is up.

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Just a thought:

Has anyone considered backing up, archiving, the entire old web site, and moving that archive to the new server?

I wonder how many gigs of data is there, a simple unix/linux command "wget" with the appropriate switches, and login authority, could grab most of the stuff there, with the exception of the private messages, and "members only" stuff. A member with the current password could "wget" the members only stuff, as well.

Mget may work, I haven't looked into it. The main question is "how big is the old site?" will it fit on a 2TB drive?

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  1. The old site is on the new server.
  2. The old site is backed up along with the malware that was on it, it seems (or there is new malware).
  3. The old site contains javascript and I'm guessing that's where it was originally hacked including the redirects being added.
  4. I will not be the one searching for and/or removing the malware from the old site. Ask the Board if you would like that project addressed by our new server hosts.
  5. The only danger would be if you clicked on any links taking you to one of the redirects and then some malware was installed on your personal machine (if you have no anti-virus software, which should block any unauthorized downloads).
  6. From what I can tell, the redirects are not attempting to download any software to any computers, they're just an annoying nuisance. 
  7. The size of the old forum was large enough that it took days to back it up.
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13 hours ago, Mark Behrend said:

I get this same one

It's a shame that this is continuing. I really hate to complain without offering a solution. I realize that Jamie has done all he can do; and don't want to sound critical.  If I had the skills to fix this, I would volunteer; however I have no Web design experience and would not be able to fix this even if given access.

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