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Century S2 wiring ?

John Deats

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restoring two century S2 fans. Both fan stators were 3 wire. Multimeter showed each fan having only 2 wires with continuity, while 3rd wire was ol . Both rotors move fairly easy by hand. When they power up, both motors seize up and hum. Rotors won't budge when trying to move the blades. If the issue isn't electrical, and stators are properly installed, then what could be binding up these fans. Pic's show different readings from multimeter. Thanks to the young man at fanfair that gave me both fans. 











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If i could delete this i would. Glad no one responded. IT WASN'T ELECTRICAL. IT WAS STATORS AND OSCILLATOR GEARS. BOTH FANS ARE ALIVE. learned a lesson, troubleshoot until you find the issue, dont cry wolf after the 10th attempt.

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