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Can someone help me understand...

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My understanding is that everyone starts the same on the new forum and that we “progress” the more we post/interact. This has been the subject of prior threads and I think it came with the program hosting the new site. In other words, it’s not an opt out thing. At least that’s what I remember of it. As far as your status as a “guest,” administrators have to switch over to member and that sometimes takes a couple weeks. It did for me when I renewed last December. Here’s more from Jamie on the subject. 


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Jason, contact Annie Hill to get your status ungraded to member, if your dues are up to date. Everyone started as a newbie on the new website, no reason to be insulted. I have been in the club for 20 years and so have many others, we all started that way on the new website, nothing can or will done about that. It has nothing to do with you for being a paying member for 10 years. It's how the new forum works. 

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Jason, I changed your status to member. Unfortunately we are all volunteers & out of 500+ members, some slide by, sadly yours was one.

Like Steve was saying, Since the website was new & not affiliated with the old website in any way, there was no way to list how many posts someone had on the old forum. None of us had the time to try to transfer that over. I have been a member since the 90s & my status all started over as well. Don't hesitate to ask if you have anymore questions, we will all do all we can to help. Thanks for understanding.

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