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Century S3 won't oscillate

Anthony Lindsey

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Picked up a S3.   Runs fine but won't oscillate.   The large horizontal gear doesn't engage.   1st one I've seen so no experience with it.   There is a very small hole on both sides of the vertical gear.   Hole isn't threaded so not sure if it's related to issue.

The switch that turn oscillator on and off slips out top and has a small nipple on bottom that I assume drops into something but when I look inside I only see smooth gear barrel.

Any suggestions?






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There is a sleeve/collar that slides over the shaft with a detent ball in it to engage/disengage. That is what the on/off lever peg inserts into. 

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i dont see anything like that when I look into the hole from the top.    It appears I will have to take it apart. 



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It has been a few years since I had mine apart and figured out why it would not oscillate. The on/off pin goes into the groove on the right end of the shaft, When engaged the detent balls sit in the holes on the 2 gears. If I recall correctly the worm gear has a pair of holes in it like the brass gear. When disengaged the detent ball closest to the shaft groove sits in the brass bushing hole. You may be able to re-stake the shaft to hold the ball or it may not matter. Get things cleaned up so the detent balls are free moving, figure out how far the shaft travels in each direction and how the detent balls engage/disengage to determine if either detent ball will be outside of a sleeve during operation (I just do not remember 100% on this) to determine if just getting it back together without re-staking the shaft will work. It is a rather simple mechanism and operates smoothly once parts have been cleaned and lubricated. Hope this helps.


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Couple Questions:

How to disassemble neck oscillating mechanism?   There is a small screw on the neck that if loosened allows the oscillator to be easily rotated.   

When tightened you can feel the notches on the wheel inside the neck and it gets harder as you tighten the screw.


2nd question:

There is a large wick hanging down in gearbox.  Its a big pile of goop at moment but replacement looks challenging. 


See pictures. 



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