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Emerson 11666 Preserved

Jon Kovach

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I got this in an estate auction. And, Daniel O’Toole, a good fan dude, did me a solid and picked it up and mailed it to me. Big thanks to Dan!

I replaced the head wire and power cord. I only had to fabricate one piece, the insulating washer on the inside of the motor case that the centrifugal start sits on. I just took a heavy piece plastic sheet cut it to size and painted it with insulating varnish. Other than that just some elbow grease, lube, and a good cleaning inside and out. It’s all original. 

I’m considering polishing the brass but the patina looks good to me and I’ll just leave it as is for now. 

There is only a slight difference in the 2 speeds. I’ve been running it on a Variac at 104 volts. 

The base has some paint loss but I don’t mind a little bit of rust. I think it gives it character. 







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1 minute ago, Michael Rathberger said:

Is it in the trunnion backwards? Very nice fan.

You are correct. Whoops. I’ll have to get that turned around. Thanks Michael. 

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1 hour ago, Jim Henderson said:

Don't polish the brass.

Okay! It’s a ton of work and it looks good the way it is. 

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