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Information Needed For This Ceiling Fan

Terry Fisher

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Does anyone know who manufactured this German made 505758808_Germanfanview1.thumb.jpg.44297de62d626e0e3bab4abc886d65e3.jpgfan and the year of manufacture? It is a brush motor 220 Volts AC/50 cycles. The top blades turn clockwise and the bottom blades turn counter clockwise. 

German fan bottom view.jpg

German fan brushes.jpg

German fan view 2 top.jpg

German fan view side 3.jpg

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"Ah,... like a coaxial
rotor helicopter."

Hey Jim........exactly like that.

Thanks Russ, that is the fan. I'll say it is a Siemens unless someone can prove otherwise.

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A clue! .......found this paper information tag inside the canopy that covers the brushes.  Looks like a name and possibly an address. I don't  c o m p r e n d e  German.

German Fan information 1jpg.jpg

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A tip for the future, Google offers a translator. You simply select the language you want translated, enter the word or phrase to translate into English.

I think the primary listed there is A. H. Rudersdorf. The "Dorf" is a dead Deutcher give away. 🙂

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