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Website and Forum Updates

Jamie Horner

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Just to let everyone know, I will no longer be updating or adding new information to the old website or the old forum.

If we're having issues, I will, of course, still look into them, but as far as adding new information, any new information sent to me (e.g. fan meets) will be posted on the new website and the new forum only.

The last thing I did on the old website was to add the same username and password that we're using on the new website to the galleries, through the end of the year. As soon as the new magazine arrives, the new username and password should be featured there. Usernames and passwords for the galleries will be the only things that I will continue to update, periodically, until we rebuild the galleries on the new website.

Please check the new website and new forum for any fan meets that I have been asked to add to the calendar. Thanks!

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