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Regional Meeting March 2023

Jim Roadt

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Don't forget to ask to visit Roadt's stash when your there! He blindfolded me and took me to some abandoned factory in Milwaukee he purchased. It was huge! He only allowed one picture taken, sorry.


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Coming up quickly.....if you are planning on coming and have not told me yet ( text ,pm forum ) please let me know .  Helps with food and drink preparing

Some are coming Friday night to set up etc.

I have arranged for a famous Wisconsin bar tender to be onsite for old fashioned drinks

That's door prizes , two seminars,famous fan fixer, riveter, fire and police protection, food, onsite bartender, museum shuttle, possibly a switchless tesla,hoho's twinkes, ray hane, birthday cake, free 8 hp motor, and Queen

Sadly Ruth Buzzy is not going to attend

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1 hour ago, Jim Henderson said:

Jim Roadt you really know how to hype an event. I'd like you to plan my funeral attendance when the time comes.
















Will do Jim......  just give me a few days heads up

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23 minutes ago, Rob Schilz said:

He Mike,   Your coming to the meet RIGHT?

Your not that far and you always bring cool stuff!

Not this time. My youngest son's getting married soon and getting prepared for that. Have to go make sure my suit fits. Haven't put one in it 12 years. I will miss seeing your collection. I saw Jim's a few years back. You guys have a good time.

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