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Painting setups

Trevor Andersen

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I know there's many of you out there with professional or close to setups for controlled paint environments and completely enclosed booths. I just wanted to share my recently improved and cheap spray booth setup and encourage anyone else to share theirs to inspire ideas or just to make us jealous. 

I used a cheap metal 3 shelf sitting in my basement for the frame. The walls are cut down 2x3 sheets of the fluted polypropylene you can get for around $8-$10 at hardware stores and some scrap acrylic I had. The ceiling is plywood I drilled baffle holes in with spacers inside and another sheet on top with offset holes. This helps prevent as much paint solids getting to the furnace filter on top of the baffle. The filter costs around 7 dollars and will last for about 10-12 fan paintings. More or less depending on use of heavier sprays like primer. The inside was sealed using foam sealant that I should cut down to make it look nice but we know I won't. 



The tube exhausts up to a tube axial fan that runs at about 750cfm. I have a speed controller I use as medium is more than enough. I vent it all out my egress window and made a little mount that lets me hook it on the lip outside. The fan was about $60. It isn't "explosion proof", which you might want for using oil solvent paints but I havent had an issue. That's what my electrical fire extinquisher is for I guess. I also vent out the room when I am painting and I use water based acrylics except for primers and clear coats. You can get decent fans that are "explosion proof" for under $200. Or if you have a squirrel cage blower from an old furnace etc you can hook up a motor that doesnt get in the paint fume flow.



 Also featured is my compressor and airbrush/spraygun holder mounted to my now adult daughter's step stool. Silly rabbit tricks are for fan collectors. 





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C1200A36-F230-444F-93C4-EC2A5CCDB1D6.thumb.jpeg.ae357840bbd130c2a0afeb0612189a02.jpeg87C73EED-704C-4DE2-B23A-DB9CF1B0FCCA.thumb.jpeg.a86358f28e69ca18dc2a6e9e44660ec5.jpeg59AA1C8A-752F-4631-B0EE-D9F95DE3C9C3.thumb.jpeg.350e3dc25bab9afa94bfa699f1df97de.jpegI don’t use anything fancy cause I’m just a kid lol, I use some garbage bags, sandpaper,wire wheel, a cordless drill, primer and acetone, then finnaly paint. All laid out on my shed floor also some homemade wood plank things. Here’s some Restorations I did. Also I love the set up you have, I’d like to have something like that, but due to limited space in the shed, I use what I got 

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