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What's on your workbench today? Share some pics!

Ron May

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Rebuilding and testing some Emerson speed controls.  Don't do much of the big stuff anymore, although I do plan to finish this 12646.  It has history, as my daughter got it at an auction for $2.00.  I finally have all the parts and plan to begin the restoration soon.  

workbench 1.jpg

workbench 2.jpg

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...This be what I got..

...Many projects at any given moment.. Mainly blades.

...I don't have a traditional workbench,

but it does the job 👍




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On 12/5/2022 at 8:21 AM, Robert Todd said:

Sadly, my workbench has too much junk on it to work on it at the moment.  However, I do have two projects currently in progress.  One is a 1950s four-bulb, four foot fluorescent theater light.  The other is an unusual 12" GE two star DC I bought years ago.  The fan might be left as it is as it appears to have been converted to AC many decades ago.



Neat, neat art deco looking fluorescent light there Robert. I also have that same GE DC 2-star in about the same shape. It hasn't migrated to the workbench yet 😉

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