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Maintenance on A Couple Emerson Box Fans

Richard Daugird

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Got these at Stan's meet in in Lake Houston a couple years ago, just now getting around tom playing with them. Seem to run good, but pull slightly more amps than they should. Is there any where they need oiling?


Emerson 74648-SC Back.jfif Emerson 74648-SC Badge.jfif Emerson 74648-SC Front.jfif Emerson 746310 Back.jfif Emerson 746310 Badge.jfif Emerson 746310 Blade.jfif

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On 1/13/2023 at 10:46 AM, Richard Daugird said:

I think I got them both from you? They are pretty heavy so I mounted casters on some plywood to roll them around. I ran both for several hours, no problems. Except the big one rolled across the room and tipped over, was still running like that when I found it!

I think the bigger one was from Stan. I think it was in his train room until it got displaced by something else.

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