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63 roll about, bushing housing

Stacey Johnson

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you should be able to use felt "string" that you can get at any hobby store like Michael's or Hobby Lobby and cut it to the approx. length you need to go around inside the bearing housing and that should fix your issue. If you have a small jeweler's screwdriver of the standard blade variety, you should be able to pack the felt "string" into the bearing housing without the need to remove the rivets on the bearing housing and removing the bearing housing.


Hope this helps.

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no they do not need to be completely clean, i re-varnish motors all the time, I do make sure I blow them out really well, to get the dust and loose debris out, if they are really dirty i'll spray the stator down with break parts cleaner, BUT, you must make sure the stator is completely dry before applying the varnish if you use that method, and you must re-varnish before powering up. the varnish i use is Sprayon EL600 Clear electrical varnish. amazing stuff to work with. i got a case from grainger and it was like $40 for 6 cans.  just soak the stator with the spray, let dry for for at least 12 hrs to fully cure.  varnish does dry to the touch in about an hr, pending on room temp.


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On 12/30/2022 at 9:59 PM, Stacey Johnson said:

Acquired a 63 Emerson and have taken apart. Trying to figure if I can repack around bushing or if I'll have to remove rivets and disassemble housing?

If repacking should I use felt washers or will any wicking material work?




Soak whole housing in naphtha for a week or so. Use compressed air to blow out the displaced old oil after soaking. allow to dry then saturate bearing and felt washer.......... reinstall.
Bearing is self centering  with felft washer under retainer, no need for felt string



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