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My Favorite BB Gun - What's Yours?

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6 minutes ago, Terry Fisher said:

Fun to watch. They are great shooters. Just ask the buffalos. 👀

A modern 12 gauge 2 3/4" shell can shoot a 1 oz. (Roughly 437 gr.) lead projectile through a smooth bore at roughly 1300-1600+ FPS. The 45/70 has a rifled barrel capable of shooting 400+ grain bullets accurately out to 100s of yards at 1100 + FPS.  Buffalo's stand a very favorable chance of having the last laugh at distance with the 12 gauge. Within 50 yds. the Buffalo's luck diminishes with a 12 gauge. Within 20 yds with a model 1897 Winchester 12-gauge slam firing, the Buffalo will not like that at all. Fact Jack. Now, back to those BB guns. : > )


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3 hours ago, Terry Fisher said:

Is that a Winchester Model 97? 

You got it. 1910 serial. John Browning design. I got brave one day and shot a box of 15 Federal Power-Shok 1610 FPS slugs through it. The first 2 shots I rested the gun on the bag on bench at the range and ducked my head under the bench in case she blew. (I was alone at the range) The old girl took those hopped-up Federals like a champ. Lol. The rest of the box I beaded on the target.  I am not a shotgun nut, but this model fascinates me. I love the way it cycles.  John Browning fascinates me. The model 97 was on market for years.




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1 hour ago, Terry Fisher said:

I Like the way it looks and cycles. I believe the model 97 was the only pump shotgun ever made with a hammer. John Browning was a real genius.

They came in different flavors. Full length hunting models with cylinder, modified, and full choke. Take down and non-takedown, riot model, and military trench model. Riot and trench are 20" cylinder bore.

I witnessed an authentic trench model with wear and tear on online auction go for roughly $14-$15K. You can pick up a decent take down full length model with modified or full choke and make a riot gun out of it. Read up on it. Barrel length is 20" with front brass bead 1/2" in from the front of the barrel. A gunsmith can cut the barrel down and place the bead factory like for under a Ben Franklin. You can doll it back up with some fine wet dry, steel wool and some cold bluing. Once the barrel is cut down bye bye modified or full choke. 







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Jeff…..Sure like the stock on that .30 caliber.  I have an Anshutz .22 caliber rim fire with the same stock design and really appreciate how natural it points with that grip. What grain of pellets are you shooting?

The Sumatra is a such beautiful rifle at a very good price. I have one in .22 caliber (500cc dual tank model 2500) so I know it shoots as good as it looks. Mine has a Wolf lead catcher 😀 so it’s very quiet.

As Russ mentioned it is amazing what they are doing with air guns. But to equal the knockdown power of a .22 cal. rim fire one must use a .30 cal. air gun. I just bought a Hatsan model Blitz in .30 cal. Pellet velocity is 730 fps and it runs in semiautomatic or in full auto at 1,000 rounds per minute. So it does not take very long to empty the 16 round magazine. Last week I got a raccoon with it using full auto. He did not suffer from the experience. 


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It's been years since I shot and don't remember the pellet grain. I recall that the Rainstorm liked Diabolo Exacts, but forget if it liked 2.90 g or 3.25 g best. I was really lucky to get a thumb hole stock on the Rainstorm. I think that only the first few sold in the US had them. I love that stock.

I also have a Hatsan P1 in 25 cal. with a lead catcher (may be a Wolf). That setup is a heavy beast. 🙂

I remember Manny on the airgun forum was hunting wild boar mainly with a 30 cal Rainstorm. At least he was years ago...

Sounds like you are still active in the airgun hobby. Good shooting!

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