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Smelly motor (not oil)

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This is my S-223 from 76. The motor had some internal issues which I had fixed. For some reason the back of the motor was always missing paint, and looked like just bare metal. I figured I would polish it with some of the metal blade polish, and indeed, the rear is shiny, but now when the fan runs a terrible metallic smell fills the room. I have aired this fan out the window for hours 4 different days. The smell will not go away. It is just polish, and not alot was used, and only on the rear plate of the motor on the outside. 

Its probably harmless, and the polish has been on there for so long I cant just 'wipe' it off.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated thank you. ❤️



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that is a common westinghouse box fan motor...they came in lots of brands of boxs fans...they tend to be pretty robust and the silver part is the cap over the oil resevoir wick . i cant see how the metal polish would make a smell on what is probably the collest part of the motor...did any accidently get inside on a winding? 

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