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Tom Zapf

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I get in to my post-christmas "get organized" mode once the Halloween-New Years Holiday Season  is past. I am working my way through my office and I came across a stack of Fan Collector Magazines from 2003-2006 I forgot I had. These will be free give aways at my BBQ in May . Anyway I thumbed through them all and kept two, but I saw I joined the AFCA in February 2003...Holy Smokes 20 years sure flew by . I had endless fun going through them and there is a bit of sadness at those who have left us, but what a great history of fun events and photos.  I re read Dave Northam's "How to Host a Regional" article, looked at pictures of The Fanums & Tony Helm's regionals as well as one Ray & Merilee Hane hosted. .amongst others. What a great club !

I have to say I have had  many years of kindnesses, parts swaps, technical advice , guidance and more all come from the super generous and patient AFCA population. We are blessed to be involved and I really have warm thoughts about all the fun I have had. Regionals at Robin Cook's  and also Lane Shirey's place. Plus lots of fun with people here in Lincoln Park ...Sooooooooooo thank you to the AFCA for a great 20 years ..KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ! 

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The Fall Fan Fest will return again this year hosted by my wife and I.  It’ll be in the York, PA area. Dates pending.  We’re very much looking forward to it. Thanks for the kind words Tom! I’ve missed hosting the meet for the last few years. The first year due to our move and then Covid. 

we do have a great club and especially the East coast group. 

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