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Older Westinghouse for sale near me. Worth a look/bid?

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Never worked on a Westinghouse before.   Also not familiar with parts availability or ease of repair.

craigslist:  https://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/clt/d/portland-antique-westinghouse-electric/7570556134.html





vintage Westinghouse Electric Fan being sold “as is”
Features 4 BRASS Blades plus a classic cage with wavy design.
The Cage measures 13” in diameter but the blade is just over 12”
The fan stand about 17” tall all together. 
Tag says STYLE: 164848G , 100-120 Volts, 60 Cycles, Patented 10.9.06, 9.6.10 525 (8.3.17), 2.29.18
The is an oscillating fan and it can be adjusted to tilt up and down. * Cosmetically, Condition is Very Good.

It's in very good physical condition, but it does not run
No repair attempts (by me)
One cage nut is missing

$160 OBO when made in person

See any issues?  Any cautions?  Worth the effort?  

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I'm with Lane on this one. Stamped steel Westy's are very tough to work on particularly if you need to remove the stator to replace the headwires which tend to fray or break at the point that they enter the case in the back. And then there is the issue of all the pot metal parts on this fan (the nose on the front and parts of the gear housing on the rear of the case) which will easily fracture if you attempt to remove them. I've said this before that if a stamped steel Westy was the first fan I restored, I probably would not have gone any further with this hobby. A GE or Emerson would be a better candidate for a first restoration IMHO. I've restored over 200 fans at this point and even with all that experience, I would still avoid a stamped steel Westy. Don't get me wrong, they look nice when they are done.


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