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Happy Birthday Chuck Brandt!

Steve Cunningham

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Chuck Brandt built the original AFCA website in like 1995 or so.  Back then the internet was still pretty limited -- email was just starting to enter the mainstream, companies didn't have web sites yet, and online services, online shopping, search engines and eBay didn't exist.  Web browsers were super limited (remember Netscape and Mosaic?), and digital photography was just beginning--those terrible super low-res images were so exciting then.  Chuck was a brilliant computer programmer who also collected fans.  The AFCA was possibly the first collector group to have a website, and it transformed the AFCA from a small network of dudes mostly in the central plains, Texas and Florida into the robust international organization it is today.  I haven't seen or heard from Chuck in 20 years, but his contributions to the AFCA in it's current form are enormous.  We all continue to benefit greatly from his extraordinary vision and legacy.  Thanks, Chuck!

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