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Reassembly process for 1933 Polar Cub oscillator

Robert Kennedy

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Anyone out there have the reassembly process documented? I took apart my Cub to paint it and replace some hardware and got Mark Olson to rewind my stator but I'm at a stand still in getting the last couple of parts to reassemble. Any help from you all is greatly appreciated as always.....you all have been such a great help to me.

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Here are a few pictures of how far I've got. The C bracket seems way too narrow to have the head fit into it. The head is at or above 2.5 inches and the bracket is like 2.25 inches.......isn't the head supposed to fit into the cradle of the bracket?

Polar 1.jpg

Polar 2.jpg

Polar 3.jpg

Polar 4.jpg

Polar 5.jpg

Polar 6.jpg

Polar 7.jpg

Polar 8.jpg

Polar 9.jpg

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Can anyone take a picture of the back of theirs.....it's a 1933 8" Oscillating Polar Cub.....I need it for a reference of how to reassemble mine.

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I don't have that model. In the future take pictures of the fan before you disassemble, and during disassembly and keep the images to file so you can remember how you took it apart.

It appears you're a step ahead. Those two long bolts at the bottom of the motor housing need to come back out as I see it. You then need to seat the motor down into the tin yoke and put the long bolts through the holes in the tin yoke, through the motor housing. The threaded end of the bolts will protrude the U-shaped slots on the other side. Tighten your nut/lock washer down to snug the motor down into that tin yoke.


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