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New decal for my ECK Hurricane

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Hello friends:  I've been taking some time to attend to some things that I have meant to do but never got around to. One of them was to get the correct decal for my Eck Hurricane. Peter Blackman (Blackman Designs) did this for me (using 18 karat gold leaf) for very short money and turned it around in three days.


I ran my fingers over this decal but could not feel the edges, that's how thin this decal is. Peter does wonderful work and he's very gentlemanly which makes it a pleasure to know him.

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16 hours ago, David Kilnapp said:

My understanding (though Russ Huber could clarify) was that Diehl worked for Eck so it may be the reverse of what you are thinking. Russ?

Diehl and Eck Dynamo did not manufacture in factory AC 12" & 16" desk fans during the circa of your fan. GE provided the AC motor for Diehl until 13 when Diehl introduced their AC and DC pressed steel models. Eck it appears outsourced/rebadged their AC 12" & 16" desk fans from Diehl until 13. Eck introduced their first in factory manufactured AC in 13.

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