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Late Fidelity AC ceiling fan

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Here's something interesting that came my way recently. A Fidelity ceiling fan motor I'd not seen before. In fact I wasn't aware (until recently) that Fidelity made any AC stuff at all. I'm searching for the brackets now.

Here's a link to a post Russ H. made about Fidelity falling off the map in '22. I do wonder about this fan and its timing...




Fidelity faceplate.jpg

Fidelity Top Side.jpg

FIdelity Side View.jpg

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Lancaster must have had no shortage on cast iron. Fidelity was making those boat anchor desk fans it appears well into the 20s, and hell if I know how much longer they continued to make them? My bet is the WW11 scrap drive took a boodle of them out of circulation. 

Emerson capacitor start was 36/37.

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On 3/8/2023 at 10:17 PM, Steve Cunningham said:

If I’m not mistaken Emerson invented the Capacitor Start Motors about 1935.

Yep, with the first being the 1935 12" Silver Swan.  In 1938 they released a Permanent Split Capacitor ceiling fan, which was produced through 1940.  In my personal opinion, it is the best-engineered antique ceiling fan.  Awesome performance and rated at just 1.15A.





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Thanks Russ, Steve and Derek for the replies. Russ, thanks for the deep dive on all the literature. 👍 That's some good research. I know you have a soft spot for the Towle/Paragon/Crescent/Fidelity story, and it's pretty interesting to me too. Who knows how long Fidelity continued? Maybe they were like some of the European outfits like Marelli or Veritys that continued casting iron long after others had transitioned to stamped steel? That might make sense for this odd motor with a dual capacitor setup on the top that certainly appears very original. I need to get into it more. Now about those missing blade brackets....😁

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