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update on our friend Darryl Hudson

David Kilnapp

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Hello fan friends. Darryl and I were texting back and forth today as I inquired how it was going with his eye situation. His response is below:

"I went to the doctor yesterday and he said that everything looks good. The retina is attached all the way around and not much scar tissue. He said the Scleral Buckle surgery was the correct surgery that he made the right decision on that, and that all we need is to give the eye more time to heal. He said that the gas bubble should continue to dissipate over the next two weeks and around the end of May is when I should be able to handle the cataract surgery. Once they remove the cataract and put a new lens in my eye, I should have good corrected vision with glasses. For now my depth perception is terrible so I can't drive and it is not safe for me to be trying to operate a lathe or milling machine. So I am able to send parts to folks if I have the item(s) in stock but if it is something that has to be made, I won't be able to do it for a bit. Thanks for concerns and prayers"

"Best news I heard yesterday was that I can now sleep down in my bed again. I've been having to sleep either sitting up in a recliner or propped up on three pillows in bed, and could not lay on my left side (side of sugery-left eye). Doctor has removed those restrictions. Drops in eye now only 3X/day down from 4X/day. My global something time is up May 12th. That's the time after surgery that anything could still happen such as infection, another detachment, etc. I guess my prayer now is for continued healing and that the future surgery goes well. I am thankful for my good friends in the AFCA"

Keep the prayers, cards and get well wishes coming. They mean a lot to Darryl (and to me).

Best, Dave

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