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Mint Vornado Model 815

Anthony Lindsey

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i love the design of those . i sold many of the Frigid 3 speed versions back in the late 70s and early 80s.  One thing you have to watch is banging the fan around. the GE Fireball motor has an issue of aluminum and copper wire combo inside , especially an issue on 3 speed reversible. Where the switch harness connects to the motor windings uses a very fragile connector inside a little plastic tube and this can break which will give you a totally dead fan or both directions working on one speed and not the other two . Also the wiring harness rubber/plastic combo can disintegrate in to crumbles . so carefully inspect the wiring from switch to motor. if all speeds work and the motor is dust free good for you. Dont bang it around in storage etc . I have 3 of the 3 speed single direction versions i bought new at Bambergers/Macys in the late 70s plus i ordered 3 sets of the window panels to go with them, two of them i still have the cartons . i have a fourth 3 speed (these all have mcmillan or fasco motors) with the rotary control . I also have a thermo three speed with a venturi housing inside the box and i was able to buy a window panel off ebay in beige but same family of fans . i always though the grille was so elegant and you hardley ever see the 5 blade metal blade models as so few brands had them ...good find! i would have grabbed it in a minute myself ! 

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