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Post erased

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Sorry Zach, there are 17 pages of posts that contain Westinghouse within the post or in the post title, so I couldn't begin to track down your missing post without more specifics. Was the post initiated by you? Do you know the title? And what forum was the post in initially? That might help in trying to pinpoint where it went. 

We don't randomly erase posts, and the forum software shouldn't be deleting anything, only backing it up.

Now, on the other hand, posts created without a valid user name (First Name/Last Name) might possibly be deleted. If comments throughout the post are derogatory or political in nature, the post may also get deleted regardless of whether the comments were made by the initiator of the post or someone posting in reply. And lastly, if the post has broken the rules of the forum in any way like posting in an incorrect forum, etc., the post may either have been deleted or moved to a different forum and look as though it had been deleted.

Unfortunately, there are many scenarios, and we would need more specifics in order to be able to track down your missing post claim. And honestly, the search options are not great in the forum, so we may never be able to track it down, but I think we're all willing to try.

If you have any more specifics for us to go on, please let us know and we can continue to try to locate the missing post for you.

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Thanks to you both. I am new here so likely made some mistake. There were not political or insulting remarks in the post. So not sure. I will repost a new one. I really appreciate the time and support.

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