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Hot motor?

Greg Calmly

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Hello everyone! Last night I ran my S-223 with a Westinghouse motor from 1976. When I tested the temperature in the morning it was alot higher than other fans.

I hit 139 F running on low overnight.

Now all my other fans average around 120 F (running on low) and my Vornado, which also has a Westinghouse motor that draws more power, only hit 124 F running on low overnight.


I have used this fan alot, and yes, its oiled, varnished and cleaned. I know it might be okay but it doesnt make sense why its higher than the rest.


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An update:

In another post, I had a fan with sticky oil that became gunky and a member told me to run some marvel mystery oil through it.

that fan seems better now, and with these positive results,  I decided to try it on this S-223 and see what happens. 

The same procedure was performed as done with the other fan and I achieved negative results with the S-223.


Now, even though I loaded this thing with zoomspout and cleaned and removed oils after the degreasing, the fan has a worse spindown.

But a weird thing is the motor went from 139 to 129 today even when its hard to turn the shaft. 


Never in my years had I experienced the weirdest motor responses from a fan.

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