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Polar Cub Oscillator fan ID

Tim Babcock

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I bought this at a flea market this weekend. Maybe paid a bit much but it was in good condition and just look good to my eye. It was running but the blade was not moving fast. I thought it was dried grease, but what it was is the swaDSC08942.thumb.JPG.94c7c1a4515487ad901d09b949adafc2.JPGDSC08943.thumb.JPG.bbb53930bfb662957d47d27641280867.JPGDSC08944.thumb.JPG.64841a15400473c86d4acc0cb5d2b3d8.JPGging on the blade to the hub was spinning. I took it apart rewired it and staked the blade to the hub. It runs good now but I do not see a model or have an idea of when it was made. I can find the non-oscillator fans but not the oscillator model. Thanks.

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I think these are right after the series G/H, I have one will try to compare when I can get to it. Your decal is n good shape which is a huge plus!
What blade diameter? They made some large fans too-but everyone loves the 'baby cub' 6" fans!

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