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Fixing up a Stamped Steel Westinghouse - parts needed

Aleksandr Krawczak

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I found this old stamped Westy at an estate sale years ago and I'm finally getting around to fixing it up!

It's a 16" 3 speed reciprocating Westinghouse with micarta blades and a 1921 microdate on the tag.

I've done some research on the old forums and I see that people don't really like these because it can be really hard to get the stator out of the case. However, I really just want to get it running and usable again; of course I'm cleaning it and I want to put it back into good mechanical trim, but the original paint is in pretty good shape, I like the antique patina and don't intend to completely repaint it etc. The stator windings seem to be sound and the motor spins when I put power to it. And I'm able to access all the reciprocation works from the outside to clean and lubricate them, so is there really a need to disassemble further?

The main problem is that the speed control coil is just plain missing! Does anyone here have one that would work? I'm not too concerned with it being exactly original to this model, as long as it would function. I've tried contacting antiquefanparts.com and they don't have one.

There are a few other little bits and pieces that I need, too:

- One little clamp plate that connects the strut to the cage (what is this called?)

- One acorn nut

- One or two case studs - one has the threaded section where the strut connects broken off, another is just bent but still usable

- Headwire and power cord

I'll update this thread with my progress!






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I have the steel acorn nuts (three types as seen below) but I'll need to know if your nuts are the little ones, the medium slotted one (in the middle below) or the large ones with the hole in the top.  I have some some three conductor head wire (from Tony Clayton - one of our members) so you can replace the head wire. You can get the power cord and reproduction plugs from www.vintagewireandsupply.com. Lovely people there to deal with and very fast shippers. I don't recall which speed coil goes in this model but I have one seen below. I restored two of these large Micarta blade Westys and gave them both away.  I'm happy to send you these if you provide me with your address - my gift to you.





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I'm off to take my (elderly) mother to lunch but I'll be back in a few hours so let me know which acorn nut you need and if you want the coil (last picture) plus some head wire and I'll ship them to you (if you provide me the address).

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Hmm, unfortunately it looks like I'm too new to send private messages, and I'm not exactly comfortable posting my home address on the open internet.

Perhaps if you send the DM, I'll be able to reply? Mods, are you able to assist?

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