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Where you find square “U” channel for the base of a Diehl cat. no. G 10 AJ17

John Landstrom

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Picked up one of these a little while ago and the edge banding on the base was old, crusty, and falling apart.

I need some help finding a replacement material without breaking the bank.   The only thing I’ve seen that comes close is sold by the roll and is $$-$$$.

Best I can describe the original banding is “square U-channel with a 3/16”-1/8” flat bottom grove, and about 1/4” tall”.   It presses onto the edge of the metal base.

If anyone has some left over (14-18”) they’ve used I’d be very interested in it.  

Bad pic from eBay, but it shows a fan with a broken piece of banding.   

Note:  I picked up some door edging from an auto parts store but it doesn’t fit.    

Any help appreciated.  




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More pics added
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I've found some at McMaster searching bumper strip. Sold by 10 foot lengths. Some shorter.


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Steve and Pat,

Yea, I saw the Mc-M also.   Found some on Amazon by the foot and ordered 4 feet.   
Coming tomorrow.  I’ll post up my success or failure.



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Yea, it didn’t work.  It was too thin and too hard to cut evenly to allow for the step down.   Returning it.  

pics below.   The edge is about 1/16” wide, with a step on the inside that’s about 1/8” high.   It does appear that the original (?) material was glued in place.  




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John, pm me your address. I have some rubber material that should fit that. I've used it on the bases of a couple pedestal fans and it works well. 

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