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Tale of 5 fans.Parts fans for parts fan.

Paul Carmody

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I have a tendency to accumulate fans trying to fix a fan,not wanting  to part a fan bought for parts.This is just an example yet not the first.
I am sure this is a common occurrence within the fan community.This will be confusing as it can be to me.So here is how I arrived at five fans,that will be 4 instead of one.

The nice stump front left is a burned out hull ,but had a brass blade and cage and assorted nice parts.I bought the black Westinghouse that was sad at the time.It’s going to a new home this week.I was going to gut it and put in the nice hull and Frankenfan.That was before I bought the stump on top for the neck piece for the good running fan on the front right that had not.The stump with nothing but the case and motor ran flawlessly after service and had brass bearing housings.So the brass cage and blade will go to it which I have two sets now.I needed a speed coil for stumpy ,still a neck pivot ,and four small acorns ,so I bought the good looking one top right,that wasn’t that good looking or running to begin with.Cleaned it up and out.Oiled.Runs good but the front bearing is shot.It is too nice to part.I have no idea where this would have ended if Anthony had not stepped in and said,HEY!
I have all those parts.Shown in front.Speed coil,small nuts,front bearing case,neck pivot.Four out of five ain’t bad. Those Westinghouse’s are like stray cats.I don’t know how they keep accumulating? It truly is not intentional! It just is.I even give them away and still have more than I had!

Hopefully they will live happily ever after.


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