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Tips needed on adhering felt to base plate on Emerson 79646 APG

John Landstrom

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The old site is unavailable and the search here hame up with nada. 

So, I’ve successfully replaced the felt on a GE AK1 with spray adhesive and it turned out great.  That base plate was flat with small dimples for the base screws making it easy to press the felt down into the dimple.

Now I’m down to finishing an Emerson 79646 and noticed that on this base the dimples where the two attachment screws go are much deeper than on the GE.

They are about 3/4” deep, and over an inch in diameter.   (see pic).

I have two questions……

1.  What method do you use to get the felt down into the dimples without wrinkles ?   I’ve tried without glue and I’m a little concerned.

2. This base plate seems to fit around a ridge below the bottom edge of the base, unlike the GE that slide up over the base.  Just placing it on the base it seems to be a pretty close fit by itself.   I was wondering what method have you successfully used to attach the felt and fit the plate to the base ?


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I use typically double layer it. I use spray adhesive to attach a piece to the base, then I cut out the perimeter, then take another piece, attach that with spray adhesive, the cut around the base leaving about an inch and a half. I then cut diagonal relief cuts not quite all the way to the base around the edge and then fold it over the rim and attach with adhesive.


for the dimples I use an ice pick to punch a hole in the center.

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With the felt that I use, it has some stretch to it to form down in the screw dimples. And I've had no problem fitting it back onto my Emersons. 3M spray adhesive both the felt and the plate. Let it sit a couple minutes until you can touch it and no material comes off onto your finger. Adhere the felt to the base and form it up the side and into the inside of the base. Using my finger, I push the felt into the dimples and it'll stay put. 

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Thanks Patrick !

Haven't had time to open it yet.   Was knee deep in an Emerson I’m working on.

I’ll try it out tomorrow and let ya know.


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