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Steve Rockwell

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    My question is whether the old Personal Message system will still function when the changeover to New Forum is complete?


   Three times now I have typed out lengthy or laboriously-considered messages, clicked send only to be asked to sign in--- in effect, I was timed-out, and message lost...  something which never happened with the old system. There are ways to get around this I know... copy one's message before clicking send in case of loss, compose the message outside the site and then copy and paste the text, write briefer messages...


   Am I right about being timed out, and if so what is the period of time allowed? (And why would there be a limit?) The convenience of the PMs long since got me accustomed to using the system, but this morning I'm not even going to bother trying re-creating the original message, I'm that put-out about it... I'll view myself fortunate if this message isn't cut-o

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