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Can’t sign in.

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So I renewed my membership yesterday,  but can’t sign in to the new forum.  It says wrong email or password. Although I’m using the same password I’ve always used, I tried the thread / link to reset my password, but not receiving the email link to reset my password.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.  Rick 

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The password published in the magazine is only used to access members only areas. 

To access the old forum including search, you’ll need a user defined password. Stan said he reset yours so you’ll need to go in and add a new one.    It’s different than the password you use to access this new forum.  The user is probably your email.  If I recall there’s a “forgot your password “ link to click. If not I’d guess Stan gave you a temporary password.  

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Cornfusing as my farmer friend says. I did try both login user/ and pw. I saw where you get locked out for 24 hrs for repeated tries ...so I waited the 24 hours and no luck. Really need that search engine to help answer questions. I had access earlier but somehow that stopped. Oh well we will try again.  Thanks Lane 

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