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Forum & Website Usernames and Passwords

Jamie Horner

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Since I am tiring of answering this question multiple times a day, and it seems no one likes to visit the new website to thoroughly read the Membership Info. page, I decided to add the answer here, hopefully permanently. 

  1. The Username and Password you use to access the new forum may be different than the Username and Password you use to get into the old forum. It depends on what Usernames and Passwords you chose when you signed up to access each of the forums. They are not related. The old and new forums are entirely different software programs with no connection to one another whatsoever.
  2. The Username and Password you need to get into the Member areas of the websites (old and new) are printed in the bi-monthly magazine. They are not the same as your forum Usernames and Passwords. Since everyone uses the same Username and Password to get into the protected areas on either website, we all can use the same Username and Password for both websites, even though the old and new websites are in no way related.
  3. The website is not the same thing as the forum.

If you are a Member, you should be getting the magazine, and you can find the Username and Password for the protected areas of the old and new websites printed in every issue. 





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