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Fitzgerald Star Electric - Model 1200

Dave McManaman

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Tested it out at 120v. As it sits, again with a little blade balancing needed, it reads as follows on the three speeds:

Tested amps - 0.21, 0.30, 0.42

Tested watts - 14.9, 26.0, 40.0

Highest temp > 20 mins = 84F

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52 minutes ago, Roger Borg said:

Hi Dave-

Where did you order the rubber feet from. Mine is missing these. Thanks...

Not sure if I'm technically correct in application but I'm just using panel hole grommets - 5/8" OD, 3/16" ID, 3/8" panel hole, and 1/4" groove width. Hopefully, they'll work - we'll see when they get here. Would have preferred McMaster-Carr but picked them up through Zoro online. I've ordered grommets from them before. Can get a pack of 25 or 50 cheap w/o getting killed on shipping or having to order bulk. If they fit OK on mine and you'd like a set, let me know and I'll mail them out no charge. No sense in getting a bunch if you won't use them.

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