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Rebranded Lundell Fans?

Sean Campbell

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Hello All.

So recently something’s been nagging at me. I’ve noticed a few fans that seem to either BE Lundell fans or have Lundell fan parts. That said, they seem to have been sold in Europe and don’t look the same as their US Counterparts. My question is, were these actually made by Sprague under contract? Export models? Or were they actually made in Europe? Parts made in the US and others made in Europe? If anyone has any ideas I’d love to know more about these.


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9 hours ago, Jim Kovar said:

A few pix snags from
the old forum...





Thanks Jim!

I guess that answers that: the motor and base were made by Sprague and the Europeans added their flavor of blades and cage. 

Also, I have never seen that second picture before! Or a Lundell cake in scale with a person for that matter. That stump is huge! 😳

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