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  2. The bulbs still have the labels on them for 250 watt.. Lol.
  3. Patented armature/commutator construction.
  4. Check out the extended hub spider used on a 12" diameter blade.
  5. Emerson used them made of brass. I got them out without too much trouble.
  6. Those are very neat. If you have bulbs that work. Those bulbs came in 250 or 500 watt. 500’s are rare. They do work!
  7. I wouldn’t use them. Very hard to get out. Brass isn’t strong enough. They’re steel, brass plated. Look at escutcheon pins.
  8. This caught my attention. It is the first 12" of this model of this construction I have ever seen, or run across. I have seen them in 8" and 10". Does Geoff have one??
  9. 1911 General Electric Co Supplies Book Fans Heaters Sockets Toasters Insulators | eBay
  10. Almost there...computer keeps crashing. I have one last piece to join. All the individual pieces have been smoothed and tapered. Each section takes around 2 hours to boolean join.
  11. Even Ali took cover... So sad, that at this "woke" time, a televised roast such as Martin's would be deemed as offensive.
  12. Yes of course...and Queen will be preforming that night
  13. Will Ruth Buzzi be signing autographs and hitting people with her purse? If so I’m there.
  14. You might try searching for “brass u-drive screws”. Saw some brass ones on eBay, most other sites were stainless or zinc. Size “00” seems close to what you (and I) need. Don’t know if size “0” would be too big.
  15. I found a decal on EBay that looks to be the correct size but I’m seeing some differences in the fonts. Does anyone know of a source for the signature for this fan? Anyone making them?
  16. I'm sure John Stamos and Gene Simmons are both proud of this 1986 film.
  17. I brought mine localy at a hardware store years ago.
  18. Thanks for the responses. It appears no one has ever ordered brass drive rivets for riveting their tags.
  19. I use red & tacky, then found some old wheel bearing grease, until it’s used up it works great, no need for more
  20. Yesterday
  21. Thanks for the kind words Chris. Always waiting for the next challenge.
  22. Thanks Gary. Looking forward to the next chapter on this Edison.
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