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Found 1 result

  1. Attention Jamie and the board. it would be great if there could be a list/grid/ table posted somewhere that’s accessible my both quests and members that clearly shows which parts of the website are restricted to quests. And that list should be sent to every person as part of the welcome message when they register on the new site. With that list could be an easy button to access the area to pay for their membership. There seems to be a lot of confusion about this with people wondering why they don’t have access to certain areas. I’m in full support of there being limitations to guests, as it drives membership, but since we’ve made changes, I think we need to reset the expectations of guests. Frankly, I think we should also limit the number of posts a guest can post (like other forums do). We have certain guests that have posted 500+ posts in one year and are on the forum on a regular basis. To me, if you use the forum that much to your benefit, you should cough up the 50 bucks. No need to attack on that comment. Just my opinion.
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