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  1. This is my sons fan he brought by for cleaning and service.What a deal!Free fan and service for my life anyway.Then he left it and ran off with my restored 16” Westinghouse. This was my first restore and what actually started me n this hobby nearly 5 years ago now,and probably close to 50 give or take fans later.I thought I would share pics. I have a few of the resto pics from the day, and all the completed pics I just took.I know this is a bold statement but you may be looking at the most meticulous, and ridiculously,restored Northwind on the planet.All casting imperfections smoothed out even in the base screw slots.All hardware or bare metal items trued,oil blued,brass polished and cleared coated.Inside and out.All metal components reverse electrolysis to remove rust and paint in this case.
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