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Found 5 results

  1. Louis Luu

    Pancake Coil Holder CAD

    Mold is baking and should be ready in two hours.
  2. Louis Luu

    Kidney Box CAD

    It was only a matter of time. I will be moving my projects over to CAD/printing instead of casting. Casting/casters are not reliable and the tolerances are hard to adjust for. I always wanted a top printed in clear plastic so I can watch them gears anyway.
  3. Sorry I forgot about this....will post it here so I remember. I will start the work next week. Here is the picture for your badge.
  4. Louis Luu

    Marelli Chain Pull 8 inch

    Took apart an 8 inch motor to study. I'll be drawing the whole thing minus the rotor....those are easy to source. The flower motifs will be drawn with openings just like the 12 inch big brother along with flower motifs on the base.
  5. Louis Luu

    Emerson Bedpost CAD

    Taking a break from badges to work on this.
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