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  1. Steve Rockwell


    1893 Pittsfield Map 26 Dec 1894 Electrical Engineer So which fans were sold, Stanley or Davis? I have not known when Stanley fan production ceased, and have sought the answer for a few years... It may well be that they got out of fan work to concentrate capital on transformers and generating systems (S.K.C.), I just can't say at present... By 1897, Davis was no longer in Pittsfield, having moved to Bridgeport and become foreman in the machine dept. at Eaton, Cole & Burham... Davis' working career continued with a variety of jobs in varied locations... seems he was a most capable individual. Back to the first clipping-- I was inclined in the first place towards Stanley because of "large numbers", though Davis had as many employees as other fan names such as Jandus and Shedd, and could have had as many fans produced... [where are those fan now?]... But as far as I can tell, the Davis Co. folded and he departed; I would not describe that circumstance as "a reliable firm who have discontinued the manufacture of fan motors." Another point in favor of Stanley: their fan motors came out 1891, and had "been on the market seven years" which can't be said for Davis... ........ Also, "several types of K & W fan motors" ??!?? [Both Stanley and Davis? Wouldn't that be something.....] At any rate, I think this is what became of those old Stanley fans we avidly seek...
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