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Found 2 results

  1. I finished this a few weeks ago and posted these pics on the FB site. Never got around to taking better ones. I do like Tanks. It came out pretty good. Powder coat and restoration by me. Darrell Koller base cover. Tony Clayton head wire. Been using it to dry my veggies and meat, but going up on the shelf soon. IMG_1917.MOV
  2. Patrick Ray

    Just finished Emerson 16666

    Here's my Emerson 16666 fresh off the work bench and writing this up while enjoying watching it run (I know it's 17 degrees out but who cares!?!?). When I got this fan, it was complete and not in trashed condition. Cage was surprisingly perfectly round. Seller said it ran. I'll take his word on it as I wasn't going to test it with that much bare copper showing. I wasn't in the mood for sparks everywhere. Enough sparking had already been done on this fan as one of the hub fingers had been welded back on. I sent the blades to Jerry Bravi for his expertise. He reported back that the weld was good and strong. A couple days later, I had a beautiful set of blades back in my hands. Jerry does spectacular work! All the iron was sent to my buddy Dustin Soto at Mirror Image Coatings in Racine, WI. His powder coat work is absolute perfection! I handled the rest of the brass polishing. All of the steel fasteners and steel parts of the oscillator linkages were gun blued. These lever oscillators are a thing of beauty in my opinion! Such a smooth and quiet runner! It's too bad all of that beautiful linkage is hidden at the back of the fan!
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