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Missing/damaged Occilator Pieces Westy Vader Fan (12-Q-3)

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This is my first dive into fan repair/restoration. I've come across my first serious issues:   

1) The occilator arm has broken. What would cause this? It looks like some serious force.

2) It looks like the arm may be bent. I can't tell if this is made that way or the arm is a straight piece. 

3) Lacking a replacement, how best to repair this brass arm? Would regular solder be strong enough? 

4) It appears to be missing a gear cover and at least two screws. I couldn't find any reference online other than the original patent (attached identifies as "4"). I'm thinking the smaller hole in the orner is to hold the cover on. 

The pic shows all that is there. Arrows pointing to the break and two missing screw holes. I did scroll through antique fan parts but no luck.  Thanks in advance

Vader occilaztor parts missing.jpg

Vader patent. occilator.JPG

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The oscillator arm should be flat as I recall. It does have an arc cut out of it so I doesn’t interfere with the post as it swings left and right. 

it’s likely the fan fell over or was mishandled at some point. 

someone here probably has a spare in their parts box. I’d post a message on the “wanted to buy” section. That’s better than trying to repair it. I would not think solder will fix it. 

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Lane Shirley, I will go with  "straight" on the arm theory. how about brazing the piece? 

I still don't know what pieces are missing. The two threaded screw holes must've held something. I also think there must be a cover of sorts to cover the gears. I'm guessing the cover is held in place by the smaller threaded hole. Clueless on the threaded hole in the gear.  I've held off posting in "wanted" because I don't know all the parts needed yet. I suppose I can post "not sure what parts are missing".  I'm also thinking other similar Westis manufactured soon before/after this fan may have the same or very similar parts. The problem with the Vader is that the outer covers hide this area from easy inspection. You almost have to have one apart to answer my questions. Thanks for responding. 

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Per your request Will.



Westinghouse instructions for Darth Vader

Instructions for using the Westinghouse “Power-Aire” Oscillating fan.

Induction or Commutator type motor

Desk or floor Model

Read this card and keep it where it can be referred to


After unpacking inspect fan carefully to see that nothing was damaged or broken in shipping and that the blades turn freely.


Make sure that the voltage and frequency in your electrical outlets are both the same as shown stamped on the nameplate found under the rear motor cover.


When this fan was manufactured it was lubricated for satisfactory operation for one season’s run.  It sometimes occurs, however, through unusual climactic conditions or storing in an inverted position that some of the lubrication in the reservoir has dried or leaked out.  This condition will be evident by the presence of a bearing noise or sluggish starting.  In this case add four or five drops of a good grade of medium automobile oil in the bearing at the fan end.  Care should be taken not to flood the bearing with oil or it will creep out over the fan blade.  Westinghouse grease from tube style No. 247597 may be added to the gear case after the rear cover is removed or a few drops of oil may be added to soften the grease already in the gear case.

To stop the fan from oscillating pull the knob up.  Unscrew it before removing the rear cover when lubricating the gear case .

Four screws like this hold the rear cover near the motor.

This wing screw hold the motor to the base.

To grease oscillator remove the cap and fill the case with Westinghouse fan motor grease. ( arrows pointing to cover)

Add 2 drops oil (arrows pointing to oscillator linkage)

To change the arc of oscillation from 90 degrees move the screw to the other hole in the gear.

Name Plate ( arrow pointing to plate at bottom of cover.

Care should be taken to see that the fan has proper lubrication before being put into use.  To obtain the best service from your Westinghouse fan it should be lubricated before being put into use for the Summer.  When this fan is operated continuously of used in a very hot, dry climate it should be lubricated more frequently.

To Operate:

When replacing rear cover make sure that the four holding screws are drawn up evenly so that the oscillator clutch knob does not bind in the rear cover hole.

To tilt the fan on its base, loosen the wing screw at the hinge joint.  Retighten securely in any desired position within the limits of the stops.

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