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Finger spinning a blade

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It depends on what type of motor. Split phase motors have a start winding that starts the motor in the proper direction.  If the start winding is open the motor will not self start. If the split phase fan uses a centrifugal switch and that switch is not working, the fan will not self start. If the split phase motor uses a choke for phase shift the choke must be good, similarly with a capacitor. Any motor with tight or misaligned bearings may not be able to self start. So there are several things to look at, depending on the fan.

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Mark is exactly correct. Tell us what fan you are having this issue with and we can go from there. Pictures are helpful. Remember to align the pictures in the correct orientation (using a software like Paint Shop pro or Photoshop) and save them as a JPEG in a medium size file format (say less than 1 mb) then attach them to your post.

Welcome to the club. There are wonderful helpful folks here!

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