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8" Western Electric All Brass restored

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This is a Style W-134110, 3 speed stationary, 120vac with brushes. Even before I got the the fan, I decided to strip the black coating off of it. I wanted to show all the brass underneath. It runs smoothly and no vibration in three distinct speeds. I want to thank Darryl Hudson for making me a new set of brushes and brush caps and also Tony Clayton for the awesome wire that he made. I think it matched the fan very well. And thanks again to Steve Chew for selling me the fan.

Before post: 




When I stripped off the gold paint on the cage I found a home-made steel S wire. I replaced it with a brass one that I had made myself. Shown on the left side.20230222_112227.thumb.jpg.64c4e6172406e82fe2900daa2bc2f272.jpg





Is this the manufacturing date on the badge?



Awesome wire made by Tony Clayton!






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Wow, nice work Vic. Thanks for the pictures too. I really enjoyed reading this post! I have the same fan that my wife found in a thrift store for $20, and like your fan, it was missing a brush cap (which Darryl also provided). Her fan also has three speeds but they are not as distinct as your fan and the slowest speed is no where near as slow as your fan.


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