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I picked this Robbins and Myers up at a garage sale.

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Its a 3804, that all seems to be there no missing parts I can see. Runs good, oscillates good. Only thing is there is a bit of play in the bearings. Not a lot but when you grab the blade and pull it up and down there is a slight knock. You can hear it when running. I have never torn one of these down, and it will be a bit as I have a National Cash register on my bench and its bigger than I thought it would be[and much more money. LOL]  But when I was looking it over I saw its stamped steel. There is a set screw for what I assume are the bearings front and back. I am hoping that the bearings can be replaced with out trying to replace the hole front and back. If so I was wondering if any one knows or has the bearings I could buy?  Also when was this fan made? I am assuming in the 20s.





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thats a beauty. May I ask what you paid out of curiosity?  As an Economist, I cant help but try to figure out what the going market prices are and how they reflect market value. I suspect most of this space is currently very undervalued btw.

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Posted (edited)

I paid 100 all in. Sorry if you read the post before I corrected it. I was talking about what I paid for a vintage Timex on a another thread. I will tear it down in a bit but I am trying to finish the National Cash register I won at auction. I thought I got a great buy at 175 then found I needed 400 dollars worth of parts. LOL. I was a bit nervous tearing it down but its not as complicated as it looks. Then I have a customer who has me repair her fans has sent me a Emerson JR to refurbish for her. No parts needed just do paint clean new wire referb. I have to polish the brass on the National and finish assembling is all that is left but that is a job I am already sick of what I have done so far on polishing.



DSC08455 - Copy.JPG

DSC08474 - Copy.JPG




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 The R&M is the improved version of the 2xxx list fans which came out in 1915, sold alongside the 1xxx list cast iron fans before production was discontinued.  2404 ran from 1915 to 1923  I believe and was replaced by the 3804 from 1924-1927. Great fans and produced in large numbers out of Springfield Ohio

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Nice find!
I find that they plugged them in to melt the ice and they threw ice and  ran!More amazing than under debris and burned.You do that to any electronic now and if a drop of water gets in their done.


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I have not messed with the motor of an R+M yet.I have three in the later pile.I repaired 2 inoperative switches and they run fine.I had ask about the screw and someone said it was a retainer for the bearing.So I don’t have the hands on to give a definitive answer. Hopefully someone will join the discussion that has experience.It may be possible to spin the bearing around top to bottom and drill another wick hole? It could also benefit from just a cleaning,new oil,wick and spacers.Try that first.

Im knee deep in a Westinghouse at the time that’s near completion or I would crack one open to see.

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I have not torn it down yet. Between finishing up the National cash register and a friends Emerson JR. I will be busy for a week or two. Thanks for the info. I was almost sure it had to be a bearing set screw. Once I take it down, I will post on the wanted and send a email to a couple of fan parts places to see if I can get new ones. I am 99% sure its worn. I don't think anything else would make it knock when I push the blade up and down Could be only one is worn. That I will not know until I tear it down.

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