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Gilbert 8" fan

Anthony Lindsey

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Neat little fan with a thumb screw and worm gear to make it tilt up or down .







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Did you know that the AC Gilbert Company was one of the largest toy companies in the world around the turn of the century? Best known for inventing the Erector Set  around 1911. Your fan is a terrific little fan that has a really neat mechanism for changing the tilt.



The Gilbert below is owned by Jack O'Callaghan, one of our young members.


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That one has fat blades vs the thinner one's on mine.


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Just now, Anthony Lindsey said:

That one has fat blades vs the thinner one's on mine.


I have the fat blade one. It would look better at your home. Gilbert fans just don't look near as good in Wisconsin as in Florida. I can fill a party box for you! Help thin your wallet so when you sit it does not place undue pressure on your Sciatic nerve. 

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16 minutes ago, Anthony Lindsey said:

Backs been bothering me lately. 

Relief is just a shipment away! Fact Jack!  Let me alleviate your undue suffering and lets thin that fat wallet!

When we sit with a wallet in our back pocket, we are effectively sitting with a slight tilt of the pelvis. The wallet creates an imbalance in the weight distribution in the pelvis and in the long term causes repeated stress to the piriformis muscle (leading to spasms) and sciatic nerve compression.


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