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Pinterest site almost 1000 pictures

David A Cherry

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I would like to get to 1000 so I could use some more fan pictures that are interesting. They can also be advertisements but need to be nice looking pictures of fans of the rare and unusual.. must be pre-1940.. anyway please post them here and I will copy and paste them .. i’m hoping to break the 1000 mark… Thanks…



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I have thousands!! But you want early stuff? I don't like those sterile white light tent shots myself.

3 fans 0n 10 AMP VARIAC.jpg

1908 GE BMY Fan.jpg

Aiken Display.jpg

Emerson Fan.jpg

GE 1920s Type AOU Fan.jpg

R&M 3500 AC DC 8in Fan.jpg

R&M 3600 FX.jpg

Westy Vaders 10 & 12 inch.jpg

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On 11/15/2023 at 6:49 PM, Chris Campbell said:

You should consider reaching out to Chad Baker at https://antiquefanparts.com


Chad has some great photos

Chad takes great photos but sadly he does not want me to use them.. he tried to get my Pinterest site, shut down... we talked over the phone and his position is he wants his pictures so that when you click on them it takes you to his website. I am not interested in messing with that part.. This Pinterest page is just for reference and fun.. but thanks for your suggestion..

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So far some great pictures, but I know there has to be a lot more.. just post them here. Keep them coming and I will fill that up as they come in but sadly I have to like them. Sorry about that I just can’t use everything...Anything that looks like it’s deserving of being on the cover of a magazine is automatic.?. Anyway, thanks for helping me out with this project.. one other thing if you come across some neat advertisements, I always like to add them but you will need to look through all of the ones that I have so far so that I don’t have doubles.. here’s a copy of the Pinterest site again with the new additions.https://pin.it/54xocsZ

. also if you wish to send me information about your fan like the year, it was manufactured along with the model number that kind of thing it would be helpful.. I work on this thing in my spare time so if you don’t see it right away, don’t worry if it’s a nice picture, I will add it to the collection.. with winter coming on would think some of you guys could have a photo shoot with your stuff and get a little artsy. I think it might be fun… hopefully it will become a sporting event and all trying to outdo each other … that would be fun…all of mine are on my piano bench, so I have kind of a theme going on … again thanks..



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